Your First Date and the Places to Avoid

Well, you ultimately did it. Janice from Accounting has been catching your eye for a while now and while the two of you have had some idle chat in the cafeteria or with the copy machine and you exchange smiles in the hallway, that you were never quite sure if you could get up the nerve to ask her on a date. If she actually is free this weekend, and amazingly she said yes, you finally worked yourself around it, asking. Now that the hard part is finished, you need to figure out just which place to go and how to proceed. This might show to be trickier than you thought. There are several places that you will want to avoid on your first date so you can have a better chance of possessing a second one if you want your first date to go well.

• The Movies – Regardless of what all of those books, television shows and yes, movies, have told you through the years, the movies will be the worst thing you could do on a first date. All that you are really doing is indicating that you desired to see this movie and here is the chance for you to do it when you suggest going to the movies. The movies will not supply you with the chance to get and talk to know one another at all since you will be sitting quietly for a couple of hours, unless you relish the idea of having almost every other patron hate you simply because you are talking through the movie.


• The Mall – There is no reason that you should have the initial date at the mall. Your date fails to want to shop with you at any place that could be in the mall and the mall is just filled up with places that pre-teens and teens will probably be hanging out in. It does not make the ideal place to get spend some quality time together, whatever you may think about Pottery Barn.


• A Cafe Or Restaurant – While many people might imagine that going out to dinner is the best way to have got a first date, think about the situation from your end. You are going to an area where you have no control over the time period that the date is going to last since you are subject to the restaurant and its staff. There is nothing worse than being on the first date with a person you have not made a exposure to knowing that it is going to drag on for one more two hours as you get through the meal.


• Your Property – Except if you want your date to think that you will be a maniac, stalker or serial killer, do not invite her over to your house for the first date. Besides that, why would you invite a person you barely know to your home? This alternative is 10 times worse should you still deal with your parents.

There are numerous other viable options that can make for a fantastic first date with Janice, such as just going for some coffee or taking a walk inside the park. Whatever you decide to do, make it something where you can make time to talk and learn more about the other person. You also want to be sure to have a reliable and safe car to drive in so you arrive on time. In case you are worried about the reliability of your car, make sure to go to ahead of the date. You will discover just the right used or new car at that provides you with the chance to be on time for your date with Janice.