Vemo Fuel Tanks

A fuel tank is a compartment containing the fuel of a car with an internal-combustion engine. Using a pump, it feeds the engine. Every new car model needs a custom-made fuel tank that can fit in the available space. It also varies within the same model according to the type of fuel used, diesel or gasoline. This is why it is crucial to know the exact configuration of your vehicle, so you can buy the right fuel tank.

VEMO fuel tanks

While the main purpose of a tank is to store fuel, it also must allow to measure its level (using a gauge). Safety regulations dictate that the tank has to be designed in a way that allows secure filling, prevents leakage, minimizes gas emissions and allows venting.

Most car owners don’t need to change the fuel tank during the lifespan of their vehicle. Usually it is damaged in an accident or by corrosion. Despite its apparent simplicity (after all it is just a big container) you have to carefully choose a quality fuel tank that will not let you down in the long run. Replacing it is an expensive and complex procedure and you don’t want to do it very often.

VEMO fuel tanks are an excellent choice as they have proven to last many years without failures. They are made of high-density polyethylene plastic, instead of metal, by a process called blow molding. This allows them to be lighter, thus decreasing your car’s overall weight and improving maneuverability. VEMO fuel tanks are also environment-friendly because they can be recycled, avoiding waste and pollution. Using plastic allows to decrease the production cost, and consequently the price you pay. That doesn’t involve, however, any loss of quality. Moreover, plastic tanks tend to last more time than their metal counterparts due to the impossibility of corrosion.