Top Tyre Manufacturing Companies in the World

The automobile industry is among the most flourishing sectors in the world today. The reason behind this is the ever-accelerated demand of vehicles, especially cars globally. With each passing day, the market is getting replete with cars of new designs and technologies. Today everyone, including smaller tyre fitting businesses like Gilnahirk Tyres, has understood the significance of the tyres on vehicles’ overall performance and for a smooth ride on the road.


People are no longer too lazy to give thought and consideration to the quality of tyres while purchasing a vehicle. Although, quality of tyres solely depends on cars model and manufacturer, there are some independent tyre manufacturing companies that have impressed the whole world with their awesome work and design. Here a top tyre manufacturing companies in the world.

  • Bridgestone

This Japanese tyre manufacturing company was formed in 1931, and since its inception the company has been surprising the automobile sector with its high-quality tyres. The company is today world’s largest tyre and rubber firm and manufactures a broad range of diversified products. Bridgestone has its operations in more than 150 countries across the five continents. In India, the firm is known for selling good quality for passenger cars, trucks, construction and mining vehicles.

  • Michelin

Based in Clermont-Ferrand in the Auvergne region of France, this is another top-notch and a reliable tyre manufacturer in the world. It came to India almost a decade ago, and today serves a wide cliental base across various sectors of the economy. Michelin was the first to introduce OTR radial tyres in India. In addition to that, the French firm offers products for passenger cars, truck & bus and two-wheelers.

  • Goodyear

Tyres manufactured by this Ohio-based company are known to be easily detachable and require little maintenance. It was founded in 1898 and is highly reliable when it comes to car tyres. Goodyear tyre prices are usually reasonable, especially when considering them against the quality and performance of the products. The company provides tyres for all types of vehicles. However, it has been recognized as the most successful tyre supplier in Formula One history.

  • CEAT

Headquartered in Mumbai, India, this well-renowned tyre manufacturing company offers a wide range of products for various user segments. It exports products to more than 100 countries, and wherever it supplies its products, reviews are always satisfactory for CEAT tyre. The company has received so many awards for its awesomely designed tyres that promise great performance on the road and that have stood the test of time for their durability.

  • Apollo

It is another reputed source for buying high-quality tyres at reasonable rates. Over the year, it has built a strong reputation in the automobile industry and always come with new design and technology in tyres. Apollos extensive range of tyres for almost all sorts of vehicles leave buyers spoilt for their choice. Apollo was formed in 1976 in South Africa, but it has now grown and spread all the world producing quality tyres that are comparable to none. It has managed to have a stake in the tyre industry and made good business all over the world.


When it comes to buying of a new tyre for your car, it’s prudent to find out the specifications of the tyres that your vehicle was equipped with when it was new before consulting a tyre retailer. The original tyre specifications are located in several locations within the vehicle, one being the owner’s manual, and the other being a plate fastened in one of a variety of locations within the vehicle, where the driver can easily refer to it.

Sometimes this plate will be affixed to the front driver or passenger side door jamb. It can also be located on the inside of the gas cap door. It is a good to figure out where your vehicle’s tyre placard is so that you will be able to access this essential information when needed. Again it’s also important to determine whether your vehicle will be used in extremely cold temperatures on snowy or icy roads or whether you will be doing a lot of driving on wet roads.

Tyre manufacturers have designed all-weather tyres for these particular driving conditions. In certain climates that experience severe temperature extremes, it is often suggested that your vehicle be equipped with summer tyres when it is hot, and winter tyres when the weather turns cold.