The Truth Behind Car Detailing For Newbies

Everyone was once first-time car owners; it is a fact. And as a first-time car owner, you need to learn many things about cars. Owning a car is also a learning process. You get to familiarize yourself with your vehicle, and you get to learn different ways to maintain and keep it running in good condition. For most, they also try to learn basic maintenance as well as repair techniques for emergency purposes. One of the primary and necessary ways to take care of your car is to ensure it is clean at all times. Regular car washing is the easiest way to keep it clean; however, car detailing is also necessary. New drivers are often confused between car washing and auto detailing. Many people think they are just the same and detailing is just a lot more expensive and a waste of money. However, as a car owner, you need to know the difference between the two and why you need both of them.

Car Detailing vs. Car Washing

First and foremost, car detailing is a more intense way to clean a car. It also includes car washing. When experts detail your vehicle, they clean every single surface of it both inside and outside. There are also waxes and sealants applied to offer protection to your car from outside elements. It can only be done by experts who went through different types of training. It is also done once or twice a year just depending on the situation of your car.

On the other hand, car washing is basic; you can even do it yourself whenever you please. It only involves soap, water, and a towel. It means you clean the outer portion of your car and some interior parts lightly.

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What Happens During Detailing?

When you detail your car, both interior and exterior get cleaned. Every single dirt and dust inside your vehicle is removed, and every surface is polished. Once done, the wax is applied so it would look smooth and glossy while offering protection from the fast accumulation of dust. After the inside job next is the exterior part of your car. The outer portion gets washed, cleaned and dried. They check for minor dents and fix it; they also apply wax and sealant on the paint as well as the tires to make sure that your car looks good as new while protecting it from having the colors scratched off.

Why Do You Need Your Car Detailed?

There are lots of car detailing services such as our shop. You may think that your car doesn’t need detailing and you can go for regular car washing, but you need to consider. You can have us detail your car once or twice a year and keep it looking brand new. Detailing also ensures that your engines run smoothly and it helps prolong the life of your vehicle. Furthermore, if you plan to sell your car in the future, detailing helps it retain a high market value. It is simple and basic car maintenance you can freely do at top benefits. Detailing costs typically over a hundred dollars but consider it as an investment for the future rather than an additional expense for you.