The Only Honda CBF125 Review You’ll Ever Need

In lieu of the much-heralded CG125, consumers can get the Honda CBF125, which is a much lower-priced substitute. They’ll get the same reliable transport and even a bit of class. Bikers everywhere are snapping this model up, ever since it was brought to the market in January. Moreover, a lot of dealers have even been complaining that they’ve been unable to restock this bike fast enough, which isn’t surprising at all.

The Engine

The CBF has a 4-speed, single 124.7cc engine that’s designed to be fuel efficient rather than exciting. This model only has a top operating speed of just 65 miles per hour. This means that you can indeed use it on the motorway, but you probably don’t want to do this often. According to Honda, the model provides 11bhp, which is one more than the nearest competitor, the Yamaha YBR125. Truth be told, these models have very little that separate them in terms of overall performance.

The Ride And Overall Handling

The drum rear brakes and front rear brakes on this bike are good enough. For rides lasting just 30 minutes or so, this is about as comfortable as a motorbike can get. For longer journeys, however, you’ll definitely feel some discomfort in your rear end given that the twin rear shocks are inexpensive, particularly when you take your bike out on the motorways. When riding around town, you’ll probably feel a bit of a rocking sensation as you go between braking and accelerating such as when you’re on your bike in traffic.

Quality And Dependability

Any honest Honda cbf125 review will tell you that at such an affordable cost, not everything will be perfect. This is why although it’s disappointing, it shouldn’t be surprising that the finish on the exhaust is hardly made to last. There have been a number of reports from consumers criticizing the black matte finish and its workmanship. The grommets are fragile and the plastics aren’t very strong.

The Equipment

You can determine which gear you should be in by looking at the numbers on the speedometer, as opposed to having access to an actual rev counter. There is a gauge for fuel however. If you start out with a tank that’s full, you’ll probably have about a third of a tank left once the gauge reaches the halfway mark.

The Verdict For This Honda CBF125 Review

This is a good-looking model and one that comes from a reputable and well-known brand. Moreover, it’s far less expensive to own and operate one of these than it is to catch the bus everyday. Consumers are calling it fun to drive. At just over £2000.00, you may not need any other form of transportation.