The Best Christmas Presents Sometimes Don’t Come in Boxes

With the holidays arriving it’s time to think of all the cool gifts you’re going to want to get people. You can go to the mall and spend a bunch of time walking around looking for inspiration about what sort of thing to get your loved one and loved ones, but sometimes that’s exhausting – well, it’s always exhausting – and you end up just buying something a little more expensive than you were planning to get and then you are going to be resenting them for the whole holiday season and that’s no good. You also will be stuck in so much traffic going to the mall, and you’re loved ones will know you just lazily went to the mall and found something stupid for them and they’ll resent you. It’s lose lose. So sometimes you have to think outside the box and get a gift that is literally not in a box! Here are some ideas.

A Home Cooked Meal

What do you get someone who has everything? Some new thing? That’s a waste of time and money and also shows that you were not really putting in any effort to them, and they’ll be sad and then you’ll be sad and christmas will be ruined. A better idea is to put a little card in there that says Good for One Home Cooked Meal. Who doesn’t love a delicious full home cooked meal? I’d kill for a home cooked meal right now. So you can get them that, it costs you nothing now, and will be a great gift between Christmas morning and the day you decide on cooking the meal. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and will be truly appreciated by the ones you love.

Give Mom a New Car

You know how mom has been driving around the same beat up old car for years and years? You know she’s spending money on maintenance that would be better spent on almost anything. Maybe the increased insurance costs of a brand new car! That’s right, give the gift of a new set of wheels. Maybe get all your siblings in on it. A low monthly payment is totally doable. If you stop in to Chevrolet Rancho Cucamonga you may just be surprised at how some of these cars are pretty nice and not that expensive. So go for it! You can send this website to your siblings and they’ll see, too, that this idea is not insane:

A Song

The gift of song, what’s more heart warming than the gift of song? Write songs for each of your family members and record yourself singing them and present them with the wonder gift that is your creativity poured into a collections of songs that they can listen to forever. This is the kind of gift that wins you accolades at the Christmas Best Of awards! Being the best gift giver can be easy.