Review of the Honda 125cc

This is a low maintenance bike you get at a competitive price, and it delivers excellent performance. The significant horsepower and smooth riding of the Honda 125cc make it a valuable purchase. You get to go as fast as 80km/hr with this smooth ride. The solid build ensures that the bike lasts yours for a long time. The exhaust and mechanical noise are whispers quiet, making this bike environment-friendly.

Specific Features

  1. Top speed-
  2. Power- 13bhp
  3. Maximum torque- 10Nm
  4. Engine capacity- 125cc
  5. Electric starter

Model Information

This review of the Honda 125cc highlight’s this machine’s superior features and excellent performance. Even though it is a small, lightweight bike, its build is solid and durable. It is a low maintenance bike, and you can easily maintain it with basic mechanical knowledge. Starting this machine is easy, and it also runs smoothly.

Power and Torque

The engine has a nice, eager temperament and the dual-carriageway allows you to ride at top speed. This machine’s single cylinder double valve engine delivers excellent performance. The peak torque helps you achieve high ranges and exhilarating rides.

Engine, Gear Box and Exhaust

This bike’s 125cc capacity makes it light and easy to handle. All you need is basic maintenance, and you are good to go. The power produced by the engine is sufficient to achieve high speed without putting you at risk of crashing. The gearbox is pleasurable to use due to its positive action. With just enough resistance, you get the stability and control required for a safe ride. The light clutch has smooth functionality as well.


Riding this bike is guaranteed to give you great delight. The excellent fuel performance and the moderately sized fuel tank can hold up to ten liters of fuel. The valves adjustments are easy to make, and you get to ride around urban roads safely. The solid build of this bike guarantees safety and the running costs are low. When you buy this bike, you get Honda quality at an affordable price. The seats are low and comfortable allowing you to go on long rides without feeling tired.


  • Extremely easy for anyone to ride
  • Tight turning circle
  • A low seat height that guarantees comfort
  • Simplistic design


The stock chain needs constant lubrication


This small Honda bike is extremely easy to ride, and it delivers excellent performance. The moderate-sized fuel tank can hold up to ten liters of fuel. You get excellent fuel capacity and value for your money when you purchase this machine.