Preparing for a CBT Test

Preparing for a Compulsory Basic Training test means you are entering the world of two-wheel vehicles. While safety helmets and clothes have evolved over the years to provide a much safer riding experience, there are still other drivers on the road to consider. The end goal of a CBT exam is to make you safer on the road. There are fives sections to the exam that combine riding theory with road-safety skills, and knowing ahead of time what each one entails is the best means of preparing for a CBT test.

The CBT Test

The CBT Test usually takes a day to complete and is made up of five sections: intro and eyesight check, on-site training, on-site riding, on-road training, and on-road riding.

Intro and Eyesight Check

The introduction and eyesight check is fairly self-explanatory. You will learn why you are taking the CBT test, what the test permits you to ride, and a timeline of what to expect for the rest of the day. You’ll go through some paperwork, have your licence checked, your eyesight checked, and discuss the legal requirements of riding a two-wheel bike. If you haven’t arrived with your own gear, you will be outfitted there.

On-Site Training

Your instructor will take you to a wide open space and introduce you to the bike. The controls will be explained to you, and you will walk with the bike to feel and get comfortable with the weight and how it moves. You will practice using the side stand.

On-Site Riding

If the instructors feels that you are ready to proceed at this point, you will be allowed to sit on the bike and start it up. You will be observed while riding in a straight line, going around corners, starting, and stopping. You will likely be given a circuit, such as a figure eight, to ride to get you more used to the bike, its gears, and the balance of it all.

On-Road Training

Once you have mastered riding and manoeuvring around the open space, you will proceed to the theory of road riding. This section will likely take place in a classroom, and the instructor will go over the Highway Code, the legalities of bike riding, road positioning, and more.

On-Road Riding

Now is the most exciting portion of the test: you are actually ready to start riding on the road. You will first be equipped with radios so your instructor can ride behind you and give you instructions. The on-road riding portion generally lasts around two hours, and the instructor will be closely observing your abilities to ensure you have a full understanding of the rules of the road and can safely operate the bike.

Now that you know the basic components of the CBT test, you are prepared to take the next step and call London Motorcycle Training to book yours.