Moving Day Can Be Easy and Fun and Full of Beer

“It’s moving day and that’s by far the most annoying day of the year. In the event it does happen, you know you’re going to have to call in all the favors of all your mates, though hopefully it only happens once every number of years or less. That’s not an easy task to do, coercing your friends into helping you move. My girlfriends like to do the trick where they just text me: what you doing? As soon as I receive that text I get all exciting thinking about what they could be planning to ask me to do. Are we going to go to the best Mexican area for a burrito? Maybe catch an IMAX movie? Could they be going to propose a trip away from town, maybe a tour in the local wineries or bourbon distilleries? With excitement I always text back “nothing, what’s up? ?”. Those two question marks reveal that I’ve fallen for it hook line and sinker.

“I’m moving, is it possible to help? ”


At that point I’ve already tipped my hand that I am not doing anything and there’s absolutely no way I can avoid putting pants on, pausing what I was watching on HBOgo and head over to their property.

Well, that stinks, but what stinks even worse is when I roll up in my minivan and I notice that the small sedan my friend is applying is already full. I pull as and also in soon because i step foot out of my car I will see their vulture eyes looking at my roomy car and then there it comes. Can they use my van?

Again I have not a way to say no.

At least I realize that I’ll get some pizza and beer from it.


But when you are in charge of the move, there are a variety of ways of earning the move actually painless emotionally (it’ll always be painful physically) for your personal helpers. First of all, everything needs to be in boxes at the time people show up. You are in for a world of trouble if you have clothes still from the things and closet still from the drawers as well as on the dresser. Everything should be ready to go in order that the cars may be loaded.

And so on that note, if you have lots of stuff plus it won’t all fit in your vehicle, you have to rent a truck. You can get a cargo van rental for cheap, especially for an in-town, one-day move, from a place like AvonRents. You won’t be paying for your Uhaul name and it is possible to do the full move all at once. Nothing is worse on moving day than having to make two or three trips. If not all, of your stuff, a cargo van can match your bed, your furniture along with a whole bunch.


Then naturally you have to provide beer and pizza at your new place for your friends. That’s the age old, obvious reward. Other food (burgers? Nothing ever really beats pizza and beer, even though ) are acceptable.”