Get Ready For An Unrestricted Licence With The CBT Course London Locals Trust

Are you looking to get a motorcycle licence or are you ready to upgrade you current licence to an unrestricted one? Maybe you’re ready to get DAS Training in order to apply for and secure your A2 licence. We have one of the most trusted and reliable facilities in all the area. We currently offer a CBT course London instructors are proud to have provided to a number of individuals, including several celebrities. Our facility is certified and it offers the most current and up-to-date equipment and information. Sign up for your course today so that you can enjoy the freedom of riding the wind on your manual or automatic bike.


Help In Getting A2 Licencing

We can assist you in getting your A2 or unrestricted licence if you are over the age of 19. You have to have a restricted EU or full driver’s licence before taking the A2 course or getting your A2 licence. Additionally, you have to complete compulsory basic training before you will be considered eligible, unless you are in possession of an A1 licence and have opted to use the progressive system. Compulsory basic training is an all-inclusive course that will teach you the five, primary elements for skillful operation of your bike. Among these elements are on-road and off-road riding, the safe use of controls, the correct jargon and the conditioning and strengthening of your eyesight. After you have mastered each of these elements and have completed the CBT course, you will then be eligible to take the motorcycle theory test. This test is exactly what the name implies. It involves a number of questions pertaining to different scenarios that you might experience while riding your bike. It will review your knowledge concerning hazard awareness, loading bikes, vehicle types, traffic signage, the basic rules of the road and proper handling or motorcycles.

Our instructors are compassionate, patient and well-educated, so you can rest assured even if you have never operated a motorcycle in the past. We want to make you feel as comfortable with riding as possible, and to help you become a highly skilled rider. Get in touch with us now to schedule a course.