Pre-owned vehicle industry is on the rise and so is the number of financiers or lenders looking to take advantage of buyers with no prior knowledge of the industry and its financing. Most often the buyers of the used cars end up paying more than they should have paid for mainly because the financiers learned about their lack of vital knowledge or even due to their desperation to own one.


According financial experts, there are some issues that you should always avoid as a buyer for a pre-owned vehicle financing in Woodburn OR. These issues include the leasing of the car as well as considering a factory certified the pre-owned vehicle. The reason for such advice is because the car buyer will most probably end up paying more for a leased vehicle while for a certified pre-owned vehicle by the manufacturer, you will enjoy such benefits like a backed warranty and fully inspected and fixed vehicle. There are various ways in which you can use to finance your vehicle, and they include:

Know the model and type of the car

The first step is to know the model and the type of the car that you wish to purchase which also fits the budget that you plan to use in buying the vehicle. Knowing the model and the type of your vehicle is also important because most auto finance institutions and banks will consider the type as well as the age of the car that you wish to purchase. It is advisable that you look or settle for a newer model to enable you to acquire loan more quickly from the borrower (s).

Summing up your vehicle’s purchase amount

Once you know the model of your car, it’s important that you sum up the total amount of your vehicle. Knowing the full amount of your car will enable you to know if it’s possible to finance the car with the available savings or whether the amount of loan that you qualify for will be enough to purchase the car.

Purchase the vehicle either at the end of the month

Most vehicle dealers are paid bonuses based on their monthly sales, and if you show up on the last days of the month (30th or 31st), the salesperson will most probably do a better deal with you to enable him/her reach the bonus.

Shop for a car that is due to be discounted

If you get a chance, purchase a vehicle that is about to be replaced or taken out of the sales room. The reason for this is because the car will be considered old and there are high chances of getting a good deal or buy the car at much lower prices.

Shop for the best financiers early enough

Shop around for the best option of financing such as the most appropriate lender. You should start looking for your appropriate lender early enough so as to be able to get a lender with the better loan option or lower interest rate.

Owning a car is one of the major milestones in your life and requires planning for you to be able to acquire a good car at the convenient price.