Aftermarket Modifications You Should Make on Your Jeep

One of the best parts about owning a new Jeep Wrangler is the fact that now you get to modify it. Jeeps are one of the most frequently modified vehicles, because just about everyone wants to go off-roading. You can’t drive one without wanting to test it out for yourself. However, if you are new to owning a Jeep you may be unsure about how to dive into the aftermarket industry. After all, you can change just about anything on a Jeep, but here are a few places that easy and awesome to start with.

Add Some Height with Lift

If you are like a lot of people, before you head off the Jeep Dealer Passaic County you are already probably thinking about how to customize your new Jeep. One of the most popular alterations that people make as soon as they get their Jeep is equipment to lift it. The lift helps you drive over larger items by adding clearance to your Jeep.


It also makes it possible to get bigger tires and to increase the approach angle and break over angle of your truck. It can even lift the Jeep up high enough that you can cross some water crossings without any water touching your Jeep. Just make sure you factor in the type and size of tires you want before buying the lift equipment.

Haul and Save with a Winch

Most people don’t think much about a winch, but they should because this one piece of equipment can be the difference between getting home safely and not. If you plan to off road then you need a winch because it is the one way that you will be able to get your vehicle out from a ditch, tight spot, or after the Jeep rolls. Not only can you use it to pull your Jeep out of a sticky situation, but you can use it to pull your friends out of a sticky situation. You may not be planning to haul anything right away, but it is guaranteed that if you are a true off-roader you will need a winch at some point.

Install Some Lockers

Some of the newer models of JK Jeeps like the Rubicon now come with lockers installed on them, but a lot of the earlier models do not. Therefore, if you are getting a used or even new Jeep ask if they have lockers on them. If they do not, then this is one item you will want to purchase and install. Lockers ensure that both wheels spin identically so that you keep moving forward. They improve your traction so much that you can easily go from stuck to moving forward and over a challenge. If you are going to be facing unknown terrain on a regular basis then you need a locker system that you can count on as your backup.