2006 Nissan Titan – a Class Act

The 2006 Nissan Titan is a world-class truck. This full size pick up is at the highest point of its class with 379 lb-ft of torque. I had a chance to test drive and take a gander at the Titan’s when looking to buy a full size truck. I took a gander at the Tundra, as well. The Toyota is no bum by any methods, yet this Titan is sharp.

We should simply begin with the huge silver 5.6 numbers you see on the once more of the truck. That implies it has the 305 hp V8 motor – solid enough to tow 9500 lbs. It has a completely boxed casing, so abandon those Ford ads. Notice they just pose as a viable rival the Ford to the Dodge and Chevrolet pick ups? Wonder why? No, I don’t.

Closest correlation I can discover to the Titan’s energy is the F150 with the bigger 5.4-liter motor. It has 300 hp and can tow to the extent that the Titan. Yet the tow bundle on the Titan accompanies a lower last apparatus degree to act more like a 4 velocity planned not a 5 pace. It additionally has a transmission temperature gage and trailer brake controller rewired under the dash.


Presently on the off-chance that you are more the going romping sort, you’ll like the electronic locking back differential and the Rancho rough terrain stuns. It likewise has missed lights and slide plates which are an unquestionable need have.

The Titan gloats most current comforts as the Tundra like braking appropriation and moving on the fly 4wd.

In my examination of the 2005 and 2006 models, I did notice a perfect peculiarity. The tailgate weighs a ton, yet on the 2006 model, it seems weightless. Nissan added gas stuns to help in bringing down and raising the tailgate. Really smooth. The other truly flawless gimmick I found in this truck was the locking outside tool compartment. It’s a lock box under the left back tire, up under the bumper. There’s an entryway and a locking lock to store different things, in the same way as instruments and such. It’s really cool. That has me on an inclination towards the Nissan as though alternate gimmicks didn’t.

In the cot is a plant showered on bunk liner and this flawless utility track to hold stuff set up. Rather, it permits me to put ropes and tie downs where I need them. Anyway inside, the inner part has something to be coveted. Resembles a350z bad dream. The controlling wheel and gauge group is pleasant, yet move over to the right of that and, I dunno, simply not my taste.

There are 3 trim levels, XE, SE, and LE. The SE is by all accounts the most well-known and its decent. Very little contrast as I can tell between a SE and LE. It is a pleasant truck and need to considered on the off-chance that you are looking as I am and have been.